WWW Wednesday #1

So im starting a new meme today it is WWW-Wednesday.

throne-of-glass-coverW#1- What is your current read. 

I am re-reading Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas (e-book). Because I love it. It is easily one of my favorite reads of the past 2 years and Sarah is the sweetest  I had the honor of meeting her last week at RT Convention in New Orleans.  I cant wait for Heir of Fire which hits stores this coming September.

BornOfIllusions coverW#2-What did you just finish.

Born of Illusion by Teri Brown. I am working on a full review of this title but just a heads up it was awesome.


Born-Of-Deception-677x1024W#3-Whats Next

Born of Deception also by Teri Brown. I also met her at RT in NOLA and she gave me an ARC. I am absolutely thrilled to read this book early, I adored the first one.  Born of Deception hits stores next month.


Happy Reading





Romantic Times Booklovers Convention 2014-NOLA

As an RT Virgin I did not know what I was getting myself into. I spent six months preparing for this huge event and I have to say… I’m so glad that I did! I have never had so much fun in my life. I made tons of new friends which includes about five of the authors that I went there to see. I met some big name bloggers and walked the streets of New Orleans. I listened to live jazz music in the park, and walked past the famous Cafe Du Monde (the line was insane). I just relished in the culture that is New Orleans and it made its way onto my future possible relocation list. Right behind Austin, Texas. There was one thing that i was not too thrilled with and that was the drivers….they are crazy. I come from the land of friendship and the friendly wave. The only friendly wave I got was from another Texas resident when I let him out of one of the side streets when about 50 other cars just whizzed on by never giving him a second glance. But that was my only kink in my otherwise perfect week.

When I unpacked all of my bags I managed to come home with 65 free physical books, 800 pounds of swag, and 375 free e-books. met countless authors including a couple of my absolute favorites.

This was definitely and experience I cannot wait to replicate in Dallas Texas 2015 🙂

Happy Reading

Elizabeth H.



Dorothy Must Die–Review #1

Dorothy Must Die- Danielle Paige

“ Nothing was the way it was supposed to be in Dorothy’s remade oz.’ — Amy Gumm



Dorothy Must Die Cover Art

I absolutely loved this book. I realized early on that it is definitely not the Oz that everyone knows and loves. The munchkins aren’t as cute, the monkeys are rebelling and Dorothy is a fascist psychopath.

Another girl from lands in Oz. Instead of taking out a wicked witch she must take out the girl who saved Oz in the first place. Amy Gumm is that girl with a magenta mane and a set of absentee parents. When the tornado whips her off to Oz she accepts it. Really she is looking for any place but home. Oz couldn’t hurt right? Reluctant to hurt anyone or let anyone get hurt she sets out to do what is right not necessarily what is good or wicked.

Dorothy Must Die is a refreshing retelling that is in my opinion is more of a sequel. It is shockingly gruesome, but not so much that grossed me out. It is just enough to get the point across that this isn’t the Oz that we grew up with.

The supporting characters were each as interesting as the last. Dorothy’s henchman where terrifying as the author took each of the classic figures and distorted them into terrifying shadows of Frank L. Baum’s originals. Dorothy herself is a terrible shadow of the sweet innocent girl that we all know and love.

I have already begun recommending it to the masses via twitter, and my reader friends.



Happy Reading,